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Posts about makeup, hair, shoes, clothes and all a girl needs!

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      1. Wow 🙂 that’s awesome 🙂 New York city. I have a buddy in New York. My first book got published a little over a year ago and now he’s trying to get a million copies negotiated in New York 🙂 oh yeah, have you heard of Kansas city?


      2. My first book is called Rock Bottom, I haven’t been given a name for the other two that I am currently working on. Yes, Kansas City, home of the greatest barbeque:) Wow! Economics, I remember that class:( Maybe you could give me some pointer on my money:)

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      3. A Jr. Cool 🙂 almost there 🙂 my books will be on the new York times top ten best selling list one day 🙂 Maybe so 🙂 never know what God had planned 🙂 how is your day ms fashion 🙂

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      4. Yesterday one of the guys that work for me came up to me and said can I ask you a ? I said sure. He said the Lord has given me an idea, I said what’s that. He said it would be great if you would lead us in prayer before we begin work every morning. I said I would love to. This morning when I came out of my office they were all waiting on me. I though wow!

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